Arboriculture Implication Study (AIS)
Arboriculture Method Statement for Construction Works Close to Trees
Trees in Relation to construction BS5837

Planners, Designers, Architects and Developers

The Tree Inspector provides arboriculture consultancy services for development sites throughout the lifecycle of a project from pre-purchase and pre-design of a site through to design, planning application and construction phases. Our aim is to use our expertise for timely solutions, resolving potential conflicts between planning, design and construction to ensure a successful planning application and construction. We liaise with all stakeholders during this process and in particular the local Tree Officers to discuss design proposals including arboriculture advice during the design stages.

Species selection for design proposals
Planting Design Schemes and specifications
Visual Tree Inspections on proposed development sites
Arboricultural Implication Study (AIS) on proposed development as part of a planning application.
Arboricultural Method Statement for Construction Works Close to Trees
TPO Advice
Arboricultural Clerks of Work Supervision
Contractor Selection